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Statistically, the majority of people quit their new years resolutions by mid-february. With 2020 being such a tough year for everyone, the trend of new years resolutions has picked up in 2021. We all need a reset. So why is it so hard to keep those resolutions? They’re usually the same every year. “Start a diet, exercise everyday, lose __ pounds, read more books, etc.” Those are great new years resolutions, so why don’t they stick?

My feeling is this, instead of making a resolution that’s a task, like exercise or diet, figure out the why. Why do you want to lose 20 pounds? How is this going to positively impact your soul? Are you doing it for the right reasons or for vain reasons? Most of the time I pick them for the wrong reasons. So I decided to get to the heart of why I wanted to make those changes, and readjusted my resolutions accordingly.

Here are my 3 resolutions for the year, and how I decided to make them.

1. Drink hot tea every night before bed

I have a tendency, right before bed, to sit on my phone and mindlessly scroll social media. Flipping back and forth through platforms, checking notifications, and then going to sleep. This habit effects my sleep patterns and it’s made it difficult for me to “wind down” before sleeping. I identified this as the problem I wanted to fix in the new year, so I decided to replace that behavior with something else: drinking tea. I’m telling my mind, it’s time to drink a warm beverage in bed and empty the brain, rather than filling it up with posts right before I shut my eyes. The practice has felt like such a breath of fresh air; I genuinely look forward to my cup of tea at night.

2. Make fruits and veggies 60% of my grocery list

Year after year I have tried the “diet” resolution. Some diets worked until I felt sick of being hungry all the time, broke them and binged, some never worked. All of them left me hating my body. So this year, I’m flipping the script. Instead I am learning to listen to my body, and my body is saying, “Feed me things that came from this Earth.” So how can I make sure that I’m transforming my diet? Well, transform the grocery list. The goal isn’t to do this to lose weight, the goal is to honor my body. A realization I came to last year, amid the pandemic, was that our bodies fight every single day to keep us alive. Our body protects us by building fat as cushion, by healing itself, by telling us what it needs and so many other things.

3. Spend 10 minutes a day in gratitude

How often do you think of what you’re grateful for? Everyday? Every week? Never? When you wake up everyday expecting things, even the simplest things like your legs to allow you to walk, fresh clean water to run out of your sink, food to be on the table, you don’t think twice about showing gratitude for having those circumstances. It wasn’t until I got older that I started to realize there is so much to be grateful for everyday. My legs, my body, my heart, community, clean water, etc. So, I am committing to giving up 10 minutes a day to think of what I’m grateful for.

If you’re feeling burnt out from last year and trying to make your new years resolutions list, try to switch your way of thinking. Why is this your resolution? What does your body, or heart, say? Remember, this year and every year moving forward, is all about you. It’s not about changing your entire state of being or doing more tasks, it’s about finding what serves you and why.

Julie Klein
Julie Klein

Julie is an Adventure + Elopement Photographer currently living in Florida with her girlfriend Kaitlyn, dogs Gracie and Ella, and cat Riley. A lover of the Blue Ridge Mountains and all things natural and earthy, she loves to share her adventures and lifestyle tips. For inquiries contact her here.

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