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Florida Adventure + Elopement Photographer

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Nice to meet you! I’m Julie, Florida Adventure and Elopement Photographer. I like long hikes in the mountains, road trips, and listening to punk music. I thrive on adventure, intimate moments, and authenticity! My goal will always be to make you feel comfortable and confident, no matter who you are! I am inclusive for all shapes, sizes, skin colors and body types. If you’re in love, I want to help you show it off to the world! You can find me adventuring around with you in FL, NC, and wherever you may be!

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What people are saying about Florida Adventure and Elopement Photographer, Julie Klein

Anthony + Zaria

“ 10/10 would recommend getting pictures done with Julie. She had so many cute ideas and we felt so comfortable with her.”

Jonathan + Lina

“For two people who are horrible at taking candids, she made the whole experience authentic and enjoyable. She got amazing shots without any of them being forced due to her incredible sense of humor, making us laugh the entire time.”

Wyatt + Kristen

“I was 70x less awkward than I would have been with any other photographer! We had a blast and are so grateful for her making us so comfortable. She’s the best!”

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